Our philosophy

Our vision is to use the worldwide available sources of rainwater or grey water and to return excess rainwater decentrally to the groundwater reservoir to ensure a safe drinking water supply.


From Greek mythology is handed down the story that the god Poseidon wanted to give a gift to the people of Attica. He plunged his trident into the rock (on which the Acropolis stands today) and made a spring of water that would never run dry. But the people rejected his gift. They lacked the vision for the great benefit of an inexhaustible spring.

Today, due to the worldwide water shortage, we have an idea of what it means when our drinking water sources run dry. Therefore, we are looking for durable and sustainable solutions that meet user-specific requirements.

Our blue planet

Clean water is a precious commodity. Although more than two thirds of our "blue planet" is covered with water, only a vanishing 2.5% is fresh water. Only 60% of the world's population is permanently supplied with drinking water. Especially in the summer months - and not only in southern countries - a lack of water forces people to be restricted. Worldwide, the awareness of the value of water is increasing. It is noticeable in the rising costs of drinking water supply and wastewater disposal worldwide. And the demand for water is increasing. In the long run, natural sources can only compensate for it with difficulty. New sources of water must be developed.



Our products contribute to the resource-conserving, conscious handling and use of water. In addition, we focus on sustainable management within our company. We produce our own electricity via solar systems and are water self-sufficient with our technologies.



With our products we set trends in the rainwater and greywater industry. When developing our patented self-cleaning PURAIN spin-on filter, we were inspired by nature. We have increased the energy efficiency of the pump technology in the RAINMASTER Eco by 75%. And with our AQUALOOP membrane station, we are the first with NSF certification for greywater systems.



We document the quality of our products and systems with certifications from independent test centers, careful supplier monitoring and our own quality assurance procedures. As proof of INTEWA product quality, we provide the INTEWA 2-year warranty for numerous products over and above the statutory warranty - at no extra charge.

Water, we are in our element

You probably already know this. But our location of Aachen also has a very special relationship with water.

The name Aachen probably originates from the Old Germanic word “Ahha”, which means “water” and can be recognized even today in “Oche”, the name of the city in a local dialect. Even the Dutch equivalent "Aken" points to the special significance of water. In Italian and Spanish our city is named as "Aquisgrana" and "Aquisgran" respectively.

The reason for this is the Latin name for the Roman settlement "Aquae Grani" – “Water of Grannus”. The hot springs containing sulfur were the main reason for the Romans, and later for emperor Charlemagne, to develop Aachen as colony and palace.