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Here you will find interesting articles about our products, innovations, research projects or solutions in the field of water technology. Our articles are at your disposal for free publication. We would be pleased to receive a specimen copy.


Fire Water Technology 4.0

Fire water tanks go digital!

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Water shortage causes tree death

The urge of people to move to the city is growing from year to year. As a result, the general basal metabolic rate of…

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Sustainable building: Energy-neutral, water self-sufficient and at the same time affordable?

How a company building from Aachen masters the balancing act between saving resources and profitability

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Stormwater management 4.0

Modern storm water management has already become an important part of new construction projects in many areas due to…

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Greywater recycling: Out of the niche

Up to 65% of a person's total water requirement is for personal hygiene such as showering, bathing, hand washing and for…

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Rainwater - the blue Gold

Long periods of drought, increasing heavy rainfall, medication and nitrates in drinking water pollute and change our…

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2. AL-TAp

This simple tap could save thousands of lives in the next disaster

The Indian state of Kerala was hit by once-in-a-century floods last August that claimed 450 lives and displaced well…

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With rainwater 80% of the energy to cool buildings and costs for water softeners can be saved

In the current situation of global warming, it is becoming increasingly important to provide economic cooling systems…

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The brewery ”Grain d’Orge“ and INTEWA brew the exclusive B-rain with rainwater

Hops, malt, yeast and last but not least, water - after 500 years of the German Beer Purity Law, beer is very popular. A…

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Your house-water sources

Create potable water easily and economically with new water treatment technology

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All about rainwater and water reuse

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From Aachen to South Africa

German water treatment products of INTEWA are now officially available in South Africa

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INTEWA DRAINMAX Tunnel – now with technical DIBt® - approval

DRAINMAX Tunnel by INTEWA received the DIBt® approval as the first trench tunnel in Germany.

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new system for water treatment and grey water recycling

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