Concrete pre-cleaning chamber

INTEWA's concrete pre-cleaning chambers are ideal for larger construction projects. They are suitable for cleaning the precipitation water of large roof areas and open spaces with harmless and tolerable runoff. The main advantages are their robust construction and minimal product and installation costs. Concrete sedimentation/filter chambers allow connections up to DN400 and heavy-duty accessibility.

  • large sedimentation range

  • concrete underground storage tanks from DN1000 to DN2500

  • made of one casting with cone or flat cover plate and cast concrete manhole cover

  • variable construction with chamber rings possible

  • completely ready for connection with inlet calming and filter element

  • no height offset between inlet and outlet

  • Traffic loads: purely walkable up to heavy load class SLW60 depending on design

  • Adjustment to the top edge of the ground with additional DN625 support rings according to DIN4034 part 2

  1. Pre-cleaning chamber
  2. Inlet
  3. Outlet