Plastic pre-cleaning chamber

The pre-cleaning chambers made of plastic are suitable for cleaning the precipitation water of small and medium-sized roof areas. They allow connection diameters of DN150 and DN200 and - when equipped with the appropriate dome shaft - can be loaded up to truck accessibility.

  • completely ready for connection
  • no height offset between inlet and outlet
  • suitable for harmless and tolerable precipitation runoff according to DWA-M 153
 VRS Plastics
Perm. traffic loadwalkable/ car passableTruck passable
Perm. overlap to tank shoulder [mm]425 to 670800 to 1,000
Height incl. dome set truck [mm], cover and frame on site---2,931
Height with telescope dome [mm]2,500 to 2,749---
Max. installation depth [mm]2,500 to 2,7493,101
ConnectionsDN150 / DN200
max. pipe crown [mm]1,760
Base tank height [mm]2,075
Weight [kg]120