Concrete underground storage

Our concrete cisterns are delivered from various factories to your construction site by the shortest route. The heavy cisterns can usually be placed directly into the excavation pit using the truck crane. Our cisterns are suitable for use as rainwater storage tanks, retention cisterns, grey water storage tanks, sedimentation or filter shafts, throttle shafts or also for fire water storage. All tanks are monolithic in their basic design, i.e. made of one piece and therefore also permanently absolutely watertight. They can be adapted modularly. Concrete cisterns are buoyancy-proof with a suitable structure and, depending on the design and cover, can withstand loads of up to SLW60.

  • very good price-performance ratio
  • individual equipment with filter technology and pipes possible
  • Reinforced concrete round tank made of one casting with cone or flat cover plate and concrete-cast manhole cover
  • Optional shaft rings to increase the base tank height
  • Adjustment to the top edge of the ground with additional DN625 support rings according to DIN4034 part 1 or part 2 depending on the tank design
  • Traffic loads: purely walkable up to heavy load class SLW60 depending on design
  • Connection diameter DN100 to DN400

Prefabricated storage

We can also deliver all storage tanks to you project-related, preassembled at the factory. PURAIN filters, AQUALOOP technology, float switches, sensors, etc. are then installed in the storage tank so that the complete system is almost ready for you to connect.

Technical data

Volume [liters]350 to 20.100
Storage diameterDN1000 to 3000
Hight [mm] *
Wall thickness [cm]8-15
Weigth [kg] *
ConnectionsDN100 to DN400
Exposure classXA1, XA2, XC4, XD2, XF3*
Compressive strength classC35/45, C40/50, C45/55*

* depending on storage design

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