Plastic inner tank series

INTEWA indoor tank series is specially designed for above ground water storage. They are installed inside buildings or, if there is no danger of frost, outside buildings. They are used, for example, as rainwater utilization storage tanks, graywater storage tanks, clear water storage tanks, drinking water storage tanks or retention storage tanks. Due to their cuboid shape, they can be installed in an extremely space-saving manner. With a high-quality coupling system, any number of storage tanks can be linked together. The blow molding process with galvanized steel reinforcement makes them extremely stable and inexpensive. The black tank coloring prevents light penetration and thus algae formation.

Prefabricated storage

We can also deliver all storage tanks to you project-related, preassembled at the factory. PURAIN filters, AQUALOOP technology, float switches, sensors, etc. are then installed in the storage tank so that the complete system is almost ready for you to connect.


Volume [liters]11001650200030005000
Length [mm]14002000205023302390
Width [mm]7307307308501350
Higth [mm]13801380167019801980
Weigth [kg]6288132210240
MaterialPE, blackPE, blackPE, blackPE, blackPE, black
Inspection opening [mm]∅ 400/500∅ 400/500∅ 400/500∅ 400/500/600∅ 400/500/600
Coupling [mm]75/90/125/20075/90/125/20075/90/125/20075/90/125/20075/90/125/200
Inlet/ overflowDN100-200DN100-200DN100-200DN100-200DN100-200

Coupling is done using the INT-KS-1-NW75 coupling set for the first coupled storage tank and the INT-KS-2-NW75 coupling set for each additional storage tank. The distance between the parallel tanks is approx. 5 cm.
In the case of tank sizes INT-1100 and INT-1650, the accumulators already have the 2" coupling connections required for this purpose. For tank sizes INT-2000, INT-3000 and INT-5000, the required connections must be ordered as accessories.

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