The two-part plastic underground tank that pays off

The two-shell plastic tank offers a wide range of applications around your house with garden. Both for rainwater harvesting and stormwater infiltration or attenuation.


This robust, two-piece rainwater tank is made of environmentally friendly, recyclable polypropylene plastic. The tank has three manhole openings in DN200, DN300 and DN400. Openings that are not needed are closed with the caps included in the delivery. In addition, the tank has lateral connection surfaces for pipe connections in DN100. Extensive accessories allow a wide range of equipment variants.


Unbeatable price

Due to the modularity, low price and low transport and storage costs (stackable) can be created systems that quickly pay for themselves. In addition, you still significantly save costs and labor during excavation, because the tanks are very flat.


Arbitrary sizes through coupling

 With our coupling set you simply connect as many tanks as you like and create your desired storage volume. Due to the stackability, you do not pay higher transport costs, because all the storage tanks you order are delivered on only one pallet.

Easy assembly

Due to the low weight and flat design, the tank can be installed by hand without heavy equipment. For the rainwater harvesting and stormwater attenuation application, the two halves of the tank are screwed together to form a seal using a special adhesive. For infiltration, the tank halves are only screwed together and provided with infiltration openings.

Applications around home and garden

Our two-shell plastic tank is the core piece for your new garden rainwater system. It can easily be inserted into an existing rainwater pipe, as the filter has no height offset between inlet and outlet. It even fits through doorways if the garden is behind the house. It is therefore ideal for retrofitting. You'll save on drinking water and sewage fees when watering your garden, and your plants will love the soft rainwater. A subsequent stormwater infiltration with the same tank elements is also ideal.

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With the PURAIN rainwater filter, the two-shell plastic tank becomes an ideal storage tank for rainwater use in the house for toilet flushing, washing machine and garden irrigation. You can achieve your desired storage volume by coupling any number of tanks. Due to the flat tank design, little earthwork is required. With the appropriate installation and cover, the tank is passable by car and can thus be placed in the driveway. With the AQUALOOP technology you can further treat your rainwater to drinking water quality and even become independent of an external water supply.

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The tank can also be used as an infiltration element. For this purpose, the tank halves are simply perforated with holes according to a specified plan and covered with a geotextile. Another filter shaft is not required, as this is already integrated in the tank. The filter basket serves as a pre-filter, which protects the infiltration trench and is easy to maintain. It is ideal if the rainwater tank is used for garden irrigation before the infiltration system, as all the material can then be sent in one delivery, thus eliminating further transport costs.

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If the soil does not permit infiltration of the rainwater, so-called stormwater attenuation, i.e. the retention of rainwater in cisterns, is now mandatory in some building areas. With the INTEWA outlet restrictor, which is installed in the two-shell plastic storage tank, this becomes a corresponding retention tank. Coupling rainwater utilization with stormwater attenuation is also ideal.

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