Digital greywater recycling as an integral part of new construction

For commercial plants with a treatment demand of > 5,400 litres/day

The greywater recycling system of the future can be controlled from anywhere. Reading consumption and statistics as well as optimising the system parameters with recommendations for maintenance are just a few tangible advantages that this technology brings. For large buildings, integration into the local building management system is possible via the already integrated interfaces. This significantly optimises the operating and maintenance costs and contributes to further optimising the economic efficiency of the systems.

With the help of the I-CONNECT control and some accessory components, basic monitoring and configurations of the system are possible.




The status page provides an overview of the current tank levels, counter readings and filtration performance.
Furthermore, current and future processes as well as current blower pressures are displayed.



Under Settings, the central unit and any expansion modules can be configured. This is done once during commissioning with the support of INTEWA experts if required. During online maintenance, components can also be tested via this menu. The current status of the individual components is also visualised. If there is a defect, it can be found quickly. For example, a defective pump is marked in red.



The timer menu allows you to set the operating and running times of various components, such as the fan running time. When the unit is delivered, these values are preset with "default" values to facilitate commissioning.


All triggered alarm and info messages are listed. In addition, it can be set whether and how the messages are to be received.

Chemical cleaning

The chemical membrane cleaning can be started or cancelled manually. Furthermore, it is displayed how many cleanings are still possible with the available amount of chemicals.

I-CONNECT control technology and automatic chemical cleaning

The I-CONNECT control technology enables chemical cleaning of the membrane cartridges to be carried out automatically. The average volume flow of the ultrafiltration membranes can thus be tripled and the efficiency of the filtration process increased. The desired cleaning interval can be set via the touch screen. The entire cleaning process consists of acid cleaning with citric acid, which dissolves inorganic compounds (scaling) in the membrane and the pipes.

In addition, an oxidative cleaning with chlorine is carried out afterwards. Due to the biological processes in the bioreactor, biofouling occurs in and on the membrane. Organic blockages can be removed through the use of chlorine.

The control of a greywater recycling plant with I-CONNECT enables a transparent, self-monitored process sequence. This offers the advantage that maintenance can be carried out more precisely.  Regular chemical cleaning not only has a positive effect on filtration performance, but also on the service life of the AQUALOOP pump unit.

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