Rainwater harvesting in Singapur


First AQUALOOP system for rainwater utilisation / Singapore / 2019


Rainwater harvesting for cleaning and irrigation


AQUALOOP, RAINMASTER Pump and control, UV system


Daily treatment volume< 3.200 Liters
Connected roof area600m²
Treated rainwater tank volume1.100 Liter
Max. flow rate50 Liter/Minute
Max. operating pressure4,2 bar
Space requirement2 m²
System energy consumption1 kWh/m³


This system is the first rainwater harvesting system in Singapore using AQUALOOP membrane technology. In Singapore, harvested rainwater for use in private residential houses has to fulfill highest water quality standards specified by the Singapore Government water Agency, PUB, before the water is allowed to be used. The water must be fully disinfected for reuse purposes such as cleaning, irrigation, and toilet flushing. With AQUALOOP technology, the water almost fulfills potable water quality and thus was approved by PUB or this project, which was incidentally the very first system to be approved byWater Agency PUB for private residential application.
The System consists of filtration and treated water storage tanks. The filtration tank contains the patented AQUALOOP technology with volumes up to 3,200 L/day treatment, depending on source water quality. It was constructed over several months by the INTEWA partner for Singapore, in a coordinated effort to harvest rainwater from 600m2 of connected roof area.
In this system, implemented in a 3 level house, the collected roof water is diverted to AQUALOOP tanks and treated with our ultrafiltration membranes. Treated water then flows into the 1100 l clear water tank. The water is then used for flushing, for cleaning, and for gardening.
With this rainwater harvesting system, the home owner is able to reduce potable water demand.