Senior campus completely modern with stormwater infiltration


DRK residential and nursing care facility in Bad Blankenburg / Germany / 2020


Stormwater infiltration




Number of tunnels

6x DM-T/60 (S-F-DN1500-DN200),

in two rows

15x DM-T/60 (S-F-DN2500-DN400),

in three rows

required stowage volume

48 m³


In Bad Blankenburg, under the patronage of the DRK Kreisverband Saalfeld-Rudolstadt e.V., a new senior citizens' campus is to be built with 12 apartments, day care, a rescue station and many other facilities. With the help of necessary support and security, this residential community will enable the residents to lead a self-determined life in sociability.

According to the subsoil survey, the site, which covers a total area of just under 4,000m², is ideally suited for rainwater infiltration. The surface water from the paved areas, such as footpaths, parking spaces and driveways, is infiltrated into the green areas or by means of inlets to the DRAINMAX tunnel trigole system. A connection to the local sewer system is therefore not necessary and saves sealing fees.

A total of 21 DRAINMAX tunnel elements were used, divided into two areas - under the courtyard area of the rescue station and in the area of the campus parking lots.