Stormwater attenuation for Carl-Zeiss parking garage


Carl Zeiss parking garage in Oberkochen / Germany / 2019


Stormwater attenuation




Number of tunnels

In 2 rows:

60 x DM-T/60

Wrapped in foil 2 x D150-20

Required attenuation volume

approx. 138m³

Porous volume backfill material

35 % 

Ground area

approx. 250 m², distributed on two systems 

Requirement for traffic load



With 1,120 parking spaces, the new parking garage of Carl Zeiss AG in Oberkochen offers plenty of space for the vehicles of its employees and guests.

The rainwater collected on the 5,100 m² gravel roof is held back by two DRAINMAX tunnel trenches built into the ground and installed in a foil trough open at the top. The total volume of the two sub-systems is approx. 138 m³. Two stainless steel drain throttles are used as throttle elements.

This construction project was realized by the customer in the course of three similar projects. In addition to two DRAINMAX tunnel systems for infiltration, one was used here for stormwater retention. The collected water is to be throttled and discharged into the public road canal.