Sustainable drinking water from rainwater harvesting in Bavaria


Detached house in Bavaria / Germany / 2021


Potable water from rainwater




Connected consumers3 bathrooms + 1 wellness area
Connected roof area350 m²
Useful storage volume14,000 litres


Written by the builder

In 2017, we started to renovate the second-hand house (built in 1981) in a sustainable and ecological way. In addition to the general renovations such as wooden windows, wood fibre insulation and avoiding chemical substances such as adhesives and paints, this also included the installation of a photovoltaic system and the replacement of the now aging oil heating system (modern air source heat pump).

Due to the experience of the last few years with longer periods of drought, we decided to have the approx. 14,000 litre oil tank converted into a rainwater tank. In this way we give water, which in my opinion is becoming more and more valuable, the storage space it needs for the months with little rain. We collect this rain for the tank on a roof area of about 350 m².

Other arguments on my part for converting rainwater into drinking water are my concerns about pollutants in the soil due to overfertilisation and possible drug residues in the drinking water.

The treatment system with AQUALOOP fulfils the task of supplying 3 bathrooms and a wellness area. We made sure that the system could be separated from the municipal water supply, that the water volume could be expanded with regard to the number of consumers and that there was sufficient pressure capacity in the house. However, a good filter volume was a prerequisite.

After a smooth delivery of the system to our house and expert support, the system could be installed promptly. The components are very clearly laid out, partly self-explanatory and easy to install with a little manual skill.

To date, we are very satisfied with the water quality and also with the system.