Test facility testing institute PIA Aachen


Examination of the AQUALOOP system for greywater treatment, Aachen / Germany / from 05.03.2012 to 22.04.2012


Greywater recycling




INTEWA GmbH commissioned the testing institute PIA to carry out a practical test of the AQUALOOP system for grey water treatment for a 4-person household. PIA GmbH is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2088-12 for the testing of wastewater treatment plants and is, among other things, recognized as a European test centre (notified body NB 1739) according to the German Construction Products Act (Bau PG) for the testing of various construction products. PIA is currently in the preparatory phase for accreditation for NSF greywater testing according to NSF/ANSI Standard 350.

The testing of the AQUALOOP system was carried out on the premises of PIA GmbH from 5.3.2012 to 22.4.2012. The AQUALOOP system was tested here under extremely realistic conditions and high load values. During the test the good operational capability of the plant was proven. With the exception of the BOD value, all required values according to NSF were met even without a running-in phase, i.e. under extreme conditions. After a longer running-in phase (adjustment of the biodegradation), the required BOD values are easily achieved. This can be seen from the test results of the other plants examined.