Weekend house in the Black Forest


Weekend house in the Black Forest / Germany / September 2016


Potable water from rainwater




Connected roof area     90m²
Useful volume, concrete tank6000 Liter
NoteCompliance with and inspection of the water quality as well as the maintenance of the installation is subject to the responsibility of the operator and is intended only for his own consumption.


from the builder

We were faced with the problem that a water connection and no source for house water supply was available for a weekend house in the middle of the Black Forest.
The house is located in a forest at an altitude of approx. 650 m asl. A cistern for rainwater with a capacity of 6,000 litres was installed next to the house and we were looking for a way to use the rainwater for the water supply. This can only be realised with help from water treatment. Through research on the Internet we came across the company INTEWA, with whom we contacted. Mr. Nico Hafran reworked the information provided by us and presented us with an offer for an "AQUALOOP system for water treatment".
Several telephone conversations about the functioning of the system and the space requirements in a basement, we agreed and ordered the offered system. As the basement was erected, the delivered system was installed and the necessary supply lines laid. In case of assembly problems, we could always rely on telephone help with Mr. Nico Hafran. The system was put into operation in July 2016 and has been functioning like clockwork since then, converting rainwater into impeccable drinking water. In the meantime, the hot water storage was put into operation, the shower, a sink and a toilet were finished and supplied with this water.