Webinar - The water self-sufficient building


The sustainable design of a building is becoming increasingly important in the construction and real estate industry. In our webinar, which is primarily aimed at planners, architects and municipalities, we provide insights into our applied technologies that contribute to water self-sufficiency.

Duration: 60 minutes including a question and answer session

Number of participants: 25 persons

Live Webinar - free of charge & interactive

There are many reasons to integrate sustainable solutions - especially in the water sector - into your next building project. But what measures are there that are both easy to integrate and cost-efficient?

Using our new, water-autonomous and energy-neutral company building, which we moved into in 2019, we would like to show what options there are in water treatment or stormwater management and how these versatile systems can be integrated into an existing or new building.

The following topics await you in this free live webinar:

  • Water treatment in action - In a 360° tour, we show you how we use our systems.
  • Presentation of a complete greywater recycling system with intelligent control system.
  • Vision of the future: What do the system solutions of the future look like?

Our systems save and buffer many millions of cubic metres of water worldwide every year. Benefit from our expertise gained from over 25 years in the water industry.

Look forward to an informative and exciting webinar with Eike Maaßen, Sales Engineer at INTEWA.






Eike Maaßen

International sales, specialist in water treatment

Eike Maaßen is a dedicated sales engineer at INTEWA GmbH and is responsible for major international projects in the field of water treatment and rainwater management. As a trained environmental engineer specialising in water resources management and having worked for our company for several years, he can draw on a wealth of theoretical and practical experience.



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