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Le mantenemos al día sobre nuestros productos y tecnologías.



Save the Date: AIX-Net-WWR

Panel Discussion and Workshop at #IFAT2024!

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Drinking water from rainwater - decentralized systems, experiences, possibilities and barriers

Article on the European Parliament's new directive on the quality of water intended for human consumption.

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Max Maker installs DRAINMAX tunnel trench

In his video series, in which he builds his dream workshop himself, Max Maker uses our DRAINMAX tunnel trench system for…

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AIX-Net-WWR website online

You can now also find further information on the new website for the joint project.

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Spannende Vorträge zu den Themen nachhaltiges Planen und Bauen für Architekten und Städtebauer

Nehmen Sie gerne an dieser Veranstaltung des AIV teil und lauschen Sie unserem Geschäftsführer Oliver Ringelstein über…

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New online planning tool for greywater recycling

Simply enter a few details to find out your system size.

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Visit us at the IFAT in Munich

Arrange an appointment with us. We look forward to seeing you!

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Drink Rainwater - The song to go with the drink

"Especially in times of severe water shortage, it is good to use the best water like rain instead of wasting drinking…

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Drinking water supply completely rethought

"How a water specialist from Aachen uses beer and lemonade made from rainwater to show that securing drinking water…

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Aix-Net-WWR, the Aachen network for wastewater reuse, has been launched

After a selection process lasting several years, the Aachen-based entrepreneurial and research network Aix-Net-WWR was…

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New systems for "stormwater management, water storage and subsurface irrigation"

A technical article about the numerous new areas of application for the DRAINMAX tunnel trench.

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price adjustment from 1.2.2024

In recent years, we have been able to avoid a flat-rate price adjustment by optimizing purchasing and production.…

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Reuse of service water from small sewage treatment plants for agricultural irrigation

A technical article about the EU Regulation 2020/741 on minimum requirements for water reuse.

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Beer and lemonade made from rainwater

Since this year, we have been offering a refreshing lemonade made from soft rainwater filtered with AQUALOOP in addition…

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KfW- fördert INTEWA Technik mit bis zu 60%

Ab sofort: Bis zu 60% Tilgungszuschuss für "Natürliche Klimaschutzmaßnahmen".

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