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Save cash with this tank

Are you paying too much for water at home? We have the solution for you!

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NSF 350C Certification - Simply explained

Our AQUALOOP greywater recycling system has NSF 350C certification. But what exactly does that mean?

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Stormwater management up to date

Important notes on the use of the DWA rules and regulations. Status April 2021.

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Videos of the Eco-Innovation Project with AQUALOOP

Take a look at these two videos about our AQUALOOP and its areas of application.

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New price list 2021

Changed prices of all INTEWA products as of 12 April

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New year - New website!

With many new features...

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Enough water in case of fire - Who is responsible for the water supply?

When it comes to hazardous situations and, in this particular case, fires of any kind, it is important to have a…

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The best solution for heavy rain events

In general, heavy precipitation is referred to as precipitation that occurs rarely and has a destructive effect (e.g.…

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360° exhibitions with innovative water technology

Invest in your future.

The current situation presents us with new challenges and gives us a new awareness of the…

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Bremen promotes rainwater and graywater plants

Since December 2019, rainwater and graywater systems have been financially subsidized within the framework of a funding…

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UV treatment in the treatment of drinking water

Drinking water treatment was also examined in detail at this year's Partner Training.

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Professional article Stormwater management 4.0

Modern storm water management has already become an important part of new construction projects in many areas due to…

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Stormwater management with INTEWA CONNECT

At our Partner Training 2020, a workshop dealt with grey water recycling and drinking water from rainwater, rainwater…

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Happy Easter wishes INTEWA

Do you know our versatile PLURAFIT kit, which can be used in many creative ways? Already known as a filter and shaft, it…

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Ultrafiltration with AQUALOOP

As an important precautionary measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, hand washing is and will remain an…

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How a company only drinks rainwater

Our building is probably the first facility in Germany to use rainwater commercially for drinking water. And we can go…

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