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INTEWA Planning aids

We offer you various online planning aids for a quick and uncomplicated solution finding of your individual needs.


System - Online planning

Simply enter a few details to find out your INTEWA system size. The decisive factors are the water requirement and yield of your property.

AQUALOOP Watert treatment


Product - Online planning

By entering a few data you can dimension your INTEWA product. The calculation of the required products or product elements takes place immediately.

DRAINMAX tunnel trench

AQUALOOP water treatment

RAINMASTER control unit

PURAIN filter


System planning sheet

Once we have reviewed your completed planning sheet for your desired application, you will receive a quote.

Commercial rainwater harvesting 

Commercial water treatment

Stormwater infiltration

Stormwater attenuation


The RAINPLANER calculation software for planners is used to dimension their stormwater management project.

  • Infiltration variants according to DWA-A 138
  • Stormwater attenuation storage according to DWA-A 117
  • Assessment of stormwater runoff according to DWA-M 153
  • Proof of flooding according to DIN1986-100


With our knowledge portal we offer you information about stormwater management, water reuse and more.

Here you will find brochures, instructions, certificates, technical drawings and much more.