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Adiabatic cooling of buildings

Using rainwater to save 80% energy for building cooling and costs for water softening systems.

In the current global warming situation, it is becoming increasingly important to provide economical cooling systems that use resource-saving technologies. Adiabatic cooling plays a decisive role in this context.


Lime free water

The rainwater has the enormous advantage that it has almost no hardness. It can therefore be used for the evaporative cooling systems without an additional softening plant or reverse osmosis plant, which in turn saves considerable costs.


80% energy saving

With adiabatic cooling, a given air flow is cooled very efficiently and with low energy consumption by the evaporation of water. Adiabatic cooling, or colloquially evaporative cooling, is The first form of cooling air and is virtually the beginnings of air conditioning technology.

System design adiabatic cooling and rainwater harvesting

The rainwater is pre-filtered via the self-cleaning, highly efficient PURAIN filter. To ensure the highest possible supply reliability, speed-controlled RAINMASTER Favorit SC units are used.

Via a floating intake filter, the particularly economical and quiet RAINMASTER Favorit SCs draw the cleanest water from the hybrid tank and supply consumers such as toilets, cleaning systems and the garden with valuable, clear and low-lime rainwater. In the event of a water shortage, drinking water is automatically replenished via the DVGW-tested RAINMASTER.

The AQUALOOP membrane filtration uses membranes with a pore size of 0.02µm, which not only retain inorganic particles of corresponding size but also germs.

Thus, rainwater can be optimally used to operate the adiabatic cooling system.

  1. PURAIN filter
  2. Inlet calming
  3. Charging pump
  4. Pressure hose
  5. AQUALOOP membrane tank
  6. AQUALOOP membrane station
  7. AQUALOOP control unit
  8. Float switch
  9. Clear water storage tank
  10. RAINMASTER Favorit SC

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