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Service water from the small sewage treatment plant

With AQUALOOP, the effluent water from a small wastewater treatment plant can be further treated into process water and used for toilet flushing or irrigation.

The effluent water from the small wastewater treatment plant must be of sufficient quality or be further biologically treated in a downstream bioreactor. Since the water in this chamber is already freed from coarse dirt, no AQUALOOP PURAIN pre-filter is required. The treated water is transferred to a clear water tank and from there, e.g. with a RAINMASTER, it is transported to the consumers and used again. The resulting recirculation process saves considerable amounts of water and fees. In the case of drainless small wastewater treatment plants, the costs for extracting the water are also saved.

  1. Sewage treatment plant
  2. Sumb pump
  3. AQUALOOP bioreactor
  4. AQUALOOP membranes (1-6 per AL-MS)
  5. AQUALOOP membrane station
  6. AQUALOOP blower
  7. Clear water storage tank
  8. Intake filter
  9. RAINMASTER Favorit SC Duplex
  10. Expansion vessel

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