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Fire Water Storage

One of the most important measures of preventive fire protection is the provision of sufficient quantities of extinguishing agents. Water is the most suitable extinguishing agent for the vast majority of fires. If the supply from the drinking water network is possible, this solution is implemented.

In many cases, however, an independent supply of extinguishing water is necessary. Open water bodies, fire water wells, fire water ponds and underground fire water tanks can provide a solution here. The calculation of the extinguishing water demand when drawing from tanks depends on the type of development. For new developments, a decentralized fire water tank allows for reduced cross-sections of potable water supply. In this context, an underground fire water tank is an artificially constructed, covered fire water storage area.

Our fire water systems according to DIN 14230

We offer DIN 14230-compliant systems for firefighting water systems. Depending on the required size, space requirements, delivery time and desired design, our fiberglass-reinforced plastic tanks or the DRAINMAX tunnel system with waterproof foil jacket are available. DIN 14230 distinguishes between small (75 - 150 m³), medium (150 - 300 m³) and large (over 300 m³) tanks.


Glass fiber reinforced fire water tank

In recent years, fiberglass-reinforced plastic storage tanks, so-called GRP tanks, have proven particularly useful for fire water storage. Today, these are produced on a project-specific basis and at low cost up to 200 m³ capacity from a single piece on an automated production line with ribbed design. A heavy load capacity of up to 60 t (SLW60) and a low space requirement during installation are possible in this way.


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The DRAINMAX tunnel fire water system

Another low cost variant for fire water storage can be realized with the DRAINMAX tunnel. By laying the system in a foil jacket, almost any system size can be realized with a very flat structure. This saves costs for civil engineering. This special foil is an absolutely watertight, high-strength, elastic EPDM foil without any connecting seams made of one piece.


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Remote monitoring and multiple use of fire water tanks

INTEWA CONNECT uses the symbiosis of the control unit, the buried system and an I-CONNECT web application which is clearly displayed via an interface on a PC, tablet or smartphone or offline via a USB connection. With the innovative I-CONNECT technology, extinguishing water storage tanks can now be monitored remotely from anywhere in the world and can even be used for multiple purposes.


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