SEPAMAT system separator

The INTEWA "SEPAMAT" system separators separate the drinking water system from the consumer system. They protect the drinking water from contamination due to the backflow of substances from the consumer side. A system separator is placed between the municipal drinking water pipe and one or more consumers, which must be separated according to category 5 of the current drinking water regulation DIN EN 1717.

Energy efficient

On average, the SEPAMAT saves up to 75% energy and meets the efficiency standards of the European Ecodesign Directive for energy-using products (EuP).

Certified security

The "free outlet" is already integrated in the DVGW-certified SEPAMAT. According to the European standard EN1717, only the so-called "free outlet AA and AB" is approved for the replenishment with drinking water in case of water shortage. The SEPAMAT thus meets the highest safety requirements worldwide.

SEPAMAT series

Five devices in three types can be named to the SEPAMAT series. Each type is technically perfectly equipped for its field of application. The Favorit can also be coupled with other devices.

TypMax. volume l/h  Max. pressure bar    Note
SMT E10                 6003,2 
SMT F205.4005,0 
SMT F407.8006,5 
SMT F20-SC5.4002,5 - 5,0Pressure level adjustable
SMT F40-SC7.8002,5 - 6,5Pressure level adjustable
2 x SMT F20-SC10.8002,5 - 5,0redundant parallel operation
2 x SMT F40-SC15.6002,5 - 6,5redundant parallel operation
3 x SMT F20-SC16.2002,5 - 5,0redundant parallel operation
3 x SMT F40-SC23.4002,5 - 6,5redundant parallel operation


The INTEWA SEPAMAT Profi separation station includes an integrated receiver tank, a double-pump booster system with self-priming multistage horizontal centrifugal pump and alternating start-up, and the electronic control system - all mounted in a housing made of powder-coated sheet steel.

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SEPAMAT pump curves serie

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