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Commercial rainwater harvesting

If you have a commercial property with sufficient collection areas and enough precipitation, the use of rainwater is the first choice. Since the water is extremely soft, it is also excellent as technical process water. Rainwater harvesting is particularly interesting for: Apartment buildings, office buildings, manufacturing plants, public buildings, schools, neighborhoods.


Process water

The so-called roof runoff water is of the best quality and requires only minor treatment steps to be used as process water for toilet flushing, washing machine use, cleaning water and irrigation water.


Best water quality

With further treatment, drinking water quality can be achieved so that it can be used, for example, for adiabatic cooling or as a source of drinking water.


Sustainable investment

Many rainwater harvesting systems pay off economically. More and more "sustainable building certifications" give you high ratings. This increases the value of the property and can mean tax advantages. You can market your building as "green".

Extensive range of systems from small commercial operations to municipal quarters

  • Rainwater is pre-filtered through our self-cleaning, highly efficient PURAIN filters before it enters the cistern.
  • The calming pot prevents soil sediment from being stirred up.
  • The PURAIN filter's skimmer overflow removes floating debris such as grease and pollen with each overflow.
  • A backwater flap prevents small animals and debris from the connected drainage system from entering the cistern.
  • Our fiberglass storage tanks, concrete cisterns or the DRAINMAX tunnel system in foil jacket are used as cisterns.
  • For pressure boosting and drinking water replenishment, we produce the particularly durable, quiet and efficient RAINMASTER Favorit SC with speed control.
  • For public systems and systems with larger demand, we supply 2 or 3 RAINMASTER Favorit SC for redundant parallel operation as a multi-pump system for the highest possible supply reliability.

If the distance between the cistern and the installation room is less than 10 m, the self-priming RAINMASTER Favorit SC can draw the water directly from the cistern for small to medium-sized commercial projects.

  1. PURAIN filter DN150
  2. PLURAFIT inlet calming DN150
  3. Suction set with coarse filter 1 inch
  4. SDS suction hose
  5. RAINMASTER Favorit SC
  6. Expansion vessel

For larger and public installations, several RAINMASTER Favorit are used in parallel operation. A so-called hybrid tank becomes necessary when the distance between the rainwater tank and the installation room becomes too great for direct suction. The RAINMASTER Favorit-SC then draws the rainwater from the hybrid tank and supplies the consumers, such as toilets, washing machine, cleaning systems, cooling, production and the garden system with the valuable, clear and low-calcium rainwater. In the event of a water shortage, the certified RAINMASTER automatically replenishes the system with drinking water.

  1. PURAIN filter DN150-200 Typ S 
  2. PLURAFIT inlet calming DN150
  3. Sumb pump
  4. SDS suction hose 1 1/2 inch
  5. Wall duct DN100
  6. Hybrid storage for RAINMASTER Favorit SC
  7. RAINMASTER Favorit with speed control
  8. Expansion vessel 5 liters

For very large systems, our speed-controlled central rainwater systems with two pumps are used in parallel operation. These already contain an intermediate storage tank, which is filled from the rainwater cistern with the help of a submersible motor pump. Since very large roof areas are usually connected here, our PURAIN ground filters are used.

  1. PURAIN filter HD-300
  2. PLURAFIT inlet calming DN150
  3. Sumb pump
  4. Wall duct DN100
  5. Rainwater central unit PROFI
  6. Expansion vessel

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