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INTEWA CONNECT is our new smart technology for our water treatment, stormwater management and firewater systems. With the I-CONNECT control devices and the licensed I-CONNECT web portal, your systems can be monitored and controlled.

  • secure plug&play internet access (no router setting necessary)
  • full remote access to the plants via APP and web application
  • fast transmission of fault and status messages via push and e-mail
  • clear plant visualization
  • reliable plant information through automatic logging and storage of relevant data
  • optimization of plant operation through data evaluation
  • online update of control unit software possible

Internet-capable I-CONNECT controler

We manufacture the internet-connected I-CONNECT control devices for commercial systems in CE and UL design for water treatment, water management and fire storage tank monitoring. They are the heart of the system. Offline operation of the control units is possible via an integraded touch display or the connection of a computer, depending on the design.


I-CONNECT web portal and app

INTEWA systems can now be remotely monitored worldwide via the innovative I-CONNECT web portal. The system operators receive status and fault messages via SMS or e-mail. This new remote monitoring guarantees the flawless operation of the system and pays for itself in just a few years.

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I-CONNECT licenses

The I-CONNECT licenses allow you to monitor and/ or control your plant via the web portal. Thus, the purchase of a license offers the plant operator or a person authorized by him a variety of options.


  • Plant overview
  • Locations
  • Condition monitoring
  • Fault messages by e-mail
  • Statistics


  • Viewer +++
  • Active remote control
  • System configurations
  • Maintenance package
I am interested in
Area of application
License type

**Guest access is a temporary access that gives an overview of all the functionalities of an application.

Questions and answers

You need a license if you want to monitor or operate your plant remotely via our I-CONNECT web portal or the app. If you only want to operate your plants locally, offline, you do not need a license. If you want to actively control your plant remotely, you need the Expert license.

The I-CONNECT Viewer license is optimally suited for the interested operator of an INTEWA system. With this license he has the possibility to monitor his system visually.

The Expert license is intended for the specialist who is to monitor and control the system to ensure optimal operation.

To guarantee optimal service of your plant, a specialist company of your plant uses the Expert license. This ensures smooth operation. With I-CONNECT, errors can be detected and corrected more quickly. In addition, maintenance costs can be reduced, since many settings can be made online.

On request we also develop individual controls and programming or adaptations of existing I-CONNECT controls. We will gladly make you an offer.

A license may only be acquired and used by the plant operator or with the permission of the plant operator. A new license is purchased for each additional plant. All plants of a plant operator can be managed centrally via the web portal. 

If a plant is to be serviced and maintained externally by a maintenance company, this company can use the plant operator's license.

If several plants are serviced by one maintenance company, it is necessary for data protection reasons that the specialist company acquires its own licenses. In this way, it can manage and service several plants in parallel via its own web portal.

In order to guarantee optimal service for your plant, the specialist company usually uses the Expert license. For the plant operator, the View license can then be sufficient.

Do you have questions or are you interested in a non-binding offer?

We look forward to hearing from you.

In our own Online-Store you will find detailed product information.

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