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Drinking water production for commercial use

INTEWA has over 15 years of experience with systems that treat germ-free water from rainwater, surface water or groundwater. Depending on the inlet water quality, the treated water reaches drinking water quality and can be used for various applications. The first systems for producing drinking water quality from rainwater were installed in private single-family homes and tested for years. In our own INTEWA company building, we are probably the first company in Germany to rely on our own water source from our hall roof run-off water. The water that we do not need is processed into beer or lemonade. Other uses for this water include adiabatic cooling, which is becoming increasingly important. While in Germany rainwater for irrigation, toilet flushing and watering can be pre-treated with simple filtration such as the PURAIN filter, there are countries that require disinfection. Many such systems are now in operation in over 20 countries worldwide, even if the legal requirements are unfortunately still very complicated in some cases.

The systems are suitable for

  • Production halls
  • Administration buildings
  • apartment buildings
  • hotels
  • schools
  • Public water suppliers

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Reasons for drinking water production in industry


Rainwater is free from dissolved medicines

Every year, 600 million (Germay 1-2 tablets/day+pers.)  packs of medication are prescribed. Most of the medicines we throw away every day end up in the toilet again.


Counteract rising water costs and save money

Water is precious - and sometimes expensive. Save costs and relieve your local water supplier and make yourself independent of costs incurred for supply or disposal.


Limescale-free and therefore soft water for people, fittings and appliances

Protect your fittings or pipes from annoying limescale stains from hard and calcareous water. Rainwater is free from limescale and chemicals.

INTEWA's solution for drinking water production

Pre-assembled drinking water systems

Our drinking water systems with AQUALOOP ultrafiltration membranes offer the best technologies for producing drinking water from rainwater, surface water or groundwater in the smallest of spaces. We offer a range of systems in different sizes and therefore a suitable, needs-based solution for everyone. Find out more about the technology and design of our systems.

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Why recycle drinkingwater?

By using a complete system, you benefit from a number of health and financial advantages.

Best water quality

No viruses, bacteria, drug residues or limescale residues thanks to ultrafiltration.


Little need for space

By using a complete system, the collected rainwater is easily processed and can be reused.>


Being able to act autonomously

Create more independence from your water supplier by simply producing some of your own service water.



Save on drinking water fees

Given the ever-increasing costs of conventional water supply, the use of a reuse system is becoming more and more worthwhile.

I-CONNECT monitoring

The greywater recycling system of the future can be controlled from anywhere. Reading consumption and statistics as well as optimising the system parameters with recommendations for maintenance are just a few tangible advantages that this technology brings. For large buildings, integration into the local building management system is possible via the already integrated interfaces. This significantly optimises the operating and maintenance costs and contributes to further optimising the economic efficiency of the systems.

Expert control

  • I-CONNECT controls
    • Condition monitoring
    • Process control
  • I-CONNECT web application / app
    • Remote monitoring


References for drinking water production

Our AQUALOOP drinking water treatment systems have already been in use in various countries around the world for several years.

Project service from A to Z

We will guide you through all phases of planning your greywater recycling system, from design to execution of your project.

  1. Concept creation and price calculation for the preliminary planning
  2. Support in implementation planning
  3. We have CAD and BIM system drawings
  4. Compilation of tender texts
  5. Support for executing companies during execution/installation
  6. Commissioning Service
  7. System monitoring this is where our I-CONNECT comes into play

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Good to know

With our drinking water systems, we offer a series of well thought-out, pre-assembled systems. The advantage of these package solutions is that all components are coordinated with one another. This leads to quick project completion, little planning effort, simple installation and commissioning, and safe operation of the system. Even larger systems can be created by connecting two systems in parallel. This is usually more efficient than individually planned systems or underground tank systems.

Visit the demo system drinking water system in the INTEWA premises virtually. This not only saves money but also time. At a glance you can get an idea of ​​the technology and the many associated components. By clicking on the blue arrows you can easily move between the individual views.

 virtuellen viewing


Specialist article on the topic

You can find a detailed specialist article on the topic of “Drinking water from rainwater – decentralized systems, experiences, possibilities and barriers” hier.


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