Rainwater harvesting for house and garden

With rainwater harvesting, a productive source is available in many areas of the world, providing you with free water of excellent quality. The water can be used for garden irrigation, cleaning, flushing toilets, and more. 

For over 25 years and in well over 30,000 rainwater harvesting systems, our customers are now collecting the valuable rainwater. We offer an optimal range of filters, plastic and concrete cisterns, pumping and control devices, accessories and complete systems.


Garden irrigation

What could be more natural than to water the plants and shrubs in the garden with rainwater. To bridge the dry periods in the summer.



Rainwater as process water

Do you want to supply your toilet and washing machine with treated rainwater in addition to watering your garden?




Potable water production

With our AQUALOOP technology, the water can also be further treated to drinking water quality.



Rainwater harvesting pays off

Whether a rainwater harvesting system is economically viable depends on many factors. These include precipitation patterns, the available catchment areas, drinking water and wastewater prices, whether the system is new or retrofitted, what the rainwater is used for, and much more. If you can retrofit a simple rainwater system for garden use yourself, such an investment can quickly pay for itself. For irrigation, only rainwater should be used anyway because of the low salt content. Often, however, it is also a matter of enabling a certain independence and security of supply for the future with one's own rainwater harvesting system. In remote areas, rainwater is sometimes even the only source of water.


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