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Greywater recycling for your single-family home

Thinking about the future and securing valuable resources with greywater. Water is becoming scarcer, more valuable and more expensive. The environment, our fellow human beings and our own bank accounts are suffering too. We experience these developments on a daily basis. Water is a significant cost factor in the home. Water recycling therefore offers optimum opportunities. Intelligent treatment and dual use of slightly contaminated water can reduce the consumption of high-quality drinking water by up to 50%. This minimizes costs for waste water and drinking water. Now is the time to opt for efficiency and foresight - and it's so easy. 

Why recycle greywater?


Conserve high-quality drinking water

By using a recycling system, the collected greywater is simply treated and can be reused.



Being able to act autonomously

Create more independence from your water supplier by simply producing some of your own service water.



Saving wastewater charges

In view of the constantly rising costs of conventional water supply and disposal, the use of a reuse system is becoming increasingly worthwhile.


Increase your property value with sustainable complete systems.

The solution for compact greywater use

Up to 65% of the water required in a single-family home is used for showering, bathing and washing hands. The resulting wastewater is known as greywater. This water can be recycled very easily and cost-effectively and treated and reused, for example for flushing toilets and irrigation. This can save up to 50% water and costs. 

Our complete system for greywater recycling in single-family homes includes almost all components, including tanks and pump and control center. It treats 300 liters of grey water per day, is NSF350-Class C und BS (British Standard) certified and is delivered to you on a pallet almost ready for connection.


How recycled grey water can be used

Example of system for greywater recycling

The two storage tanks can be installed in the basement, garage, outside or in the installation room of most single-family houses due to the small space required.

  1. PURAIN pre-filter
  2. Bioreactor incl. packing
  3. AQUALOOP single membrane station
  4. Clear water storage tank
  5. AQUALOOP control unit
  6. Sludge pump
  7. Blower for membrane aeration

The grey water is pre-filtered via the highly efficient PURAIN filter before it enters the bioreactor. This is where the biological decomposition takes place. The skimmer overflow of the PURAIN filter removes the surface contaminants.

The AQUALOOP membran station ultra-filters the grey water and pumps it into a clear water storage tank.

The extremely economical RAINMASTER Eco draws the clean water from the clear water storage tank via a suction filter and supplies consumers such as toilets, washing machines and the garden with clear and sterilized service water of the highest quality. The DVGW-certified RAINMASTER Eco, which can be installed almost anywhere in the house, automatically replenishes the system with drinking water in the event of a water shortage.

Good to know

The availability of funding in this area can change constantly. However, as the topic of water treatment and reuse is becoming more and more prominent, it is worth asking your local authority, city or district.

We are currently only aware of one grant for greywater use in the federal state of Bremen.

The treated grey water has an excellent water quality.

The special treatment process with a membrane bioreactor, which includes both biodegradation and ultrafiltration with a pore size of 0.02 µm, reliably retains bacteria and viruses. In this way, the systems deliver top quality that meets the highest standards. You can find more information on this topic here.

A permit for the installation of a grey water recycling system is not required. However, we recommend that you inform yourself in advance about the points to be observed.

Please note! Before installing a grey water recycling system, you must notify your municipality or city.

Due to the small number of system components, maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.

The membrane can be cleaned mechanically and chemically.
Detailed maintenance instructions can be found in the document "AL-GW300 grey water recycling system" under the instructions/data sheets tab for the core products under Downloads. Maintenance instructions for other products can be found here.

The combination of rainwater and greywater recycling is generally possible. The rainwater already has service water quality from the ground up and is not treated again. The treated grey water is added to the rainwater.

Do you have any further questions on this topic? Then simply contact us.

We specify a service life of at least 10 years for the ultrafiltration membrane, which already minimizes the costs considerably.

All replacement intervals for the membrane, filter or tank can be found here.

You can decide on the positioning of your graywater system in your home as you wish and are able. The system can be installed in the utility room on the first floor, in the basement or as a ground installation variant. However, there are a few technical parameters to consider. We will be happy to help you with this.

A greywater system requires a separate pipe network on the wastewater and supply side.

  1. Waste water pipes (grey water that is discharged into the bioreactor):
    A separate line from the bathtub, shower and hand wash basin.
  2. Supply pipe (process water)
    A separate pipe to WCs, washing machine and garden.

Unfortunately, the regulations vary from municipality to municipality. Please speak to your local authority, municipality or city.



Greywater recycling systems in single-family homes around the world.

Project service from A to Z

We accompany you through all phases of planning your grey water recycling plant, from planning to execution of your project.

  • Concept development and price calculation for preliminary planning
  • Dimensioning with Rainplaner Software
  • Compilation of tender texts
  • Advice for contractors
  • Support with implementation planning
  • Commissioning service

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