Greywater recycling - a new source of water

Up to 65% of the water demand in a domestic home is used for showering, bathing, washing hands and for the washing machine. The resulting wastewater is the so-called greywater. This water can be recycled very easily and cost-effectively and treated and reused, for example, for toilet flushing and irrigation.

Our complete system for greywater recycling in single-family homes includes almost all components including tanks and pumping and control center RAINMASTER Eco. It treats 300 l of greywater / day, is NSF350-Class C and BS (British Standard) certified and is delivered to you almost ready for connection on a pallet.

The greywater is pre-filtered via the highly efficient PURAIN filter before it enters the bioreactor. This is where the biological degradation takes place. The skimmer overflow of the PURAIN filter removes the surface contaminants.

Note: In the film you see an older do-it-yourself version, the new systems are almost ready for connection.

With the AQUALOOP membrane station, the greywater is ultrafiltrated and pumped into a clear water storage tank.

The two storage tanks can be installed in the basement, in the garage or in the installation room of most domestic houses due to the small space requirement.

The extremely economical RAINMASTER Eco sucks the cleanest water from the clear water storage tank via an intake filtering system and supplies the consumers, such as toilets, washing machine (if applicable) and the garden with clear and sterilized water of the highest quality. In the event of a water shortage, the DVGW-certified RAINMASTER Eco is automatically replenished with drinking water and can be installed almost anywhere in the house.

Example of system for greywater recycling

The two storage tanks can be installed in the basement, garage, outside or in the installation room of most single-family houses due to the small space required.

  1. PURAIN pre-filter
  2. Bioreactor incl. packing
  3. AQUALOOP membrane station
  4. AQUALOOP control unit
  5. AQUALOOP membranes (1-6 per AL-MS)
  6. AQUALOOP blower
  7. Clear water storage tank

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