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Pumps for water management

We offer a wide range of pump technology for water reuse and stormwater management.  
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Sumb pumps

Our sumb pumps are suitable for a wide range of drainage measures where a large volume flow is required at low delivery pressure. They can support rainwater works with suction or be used as lifting units for cistern drainage. Due to the use of high-quality materials, the pumps are also suitable for continuous operation. The pumps are equipped with float switches as standard.

Submersible motor pumps

Our multistage, vertical submersible motor pumps are fully automatic centrifugal pumps with integrated pump control, check valve and dry-running protection. They are often used in water supply for single-family homes and garden irrigation. Since they are installed in the water reservoir, they operate almost noiselessly and do not require any additional space for installation. The pumps are made entirely of corrosion-resistant materials and therefore ensure a very long service life.

Suction pumps

Our multistage centrifugal pumps have been specially developed for daily operation in water supply. They are self-priming and are characterized by quiet operation and freedom from maintenance. Their field of application is the water supply of single-family houses to smaller apartment buildings.

RAINMASTER pump and control units

RAINMASTER pump and control units with integrated drinking water feeding are available as single and multi-pump solution.

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Pump characteristic curves

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