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Save on sealing fees for domestic homeowners

With our stormwater infiltration packages for single-family homes, you can free yourself from your sealing fees, an investment that can pay for itself in less than 5 years.

Many cities and communities in Germany already have the jurisprudence following the conversion of the old sewage fee. This is now divided into drainage and rainwater. The diversion of rainwater into the public sewer is calculated by the connected surface and degree of sealing. With a typical sealed surface fee of 1 €/m², a 200 m² sealed surface adds 200 € and in 20 years costs 4.000 €. Since these costs are likely to increase considerably, provisions should be made at an early stage.


Free yourself from the sealing fee

If you completely infiltrate your rainwater with the INTEWA stormwater infiltration system, you will also be exempt from the precipitation fee! If you load the sewer system less, you pay less.


Does it pay off?

The installation of the system today can pay for itself in less than 5 years. This does not even take into account the price increases. It also makes sense from an ecological point of view to infiltrate clean rainwater. In this way, the rainwater is returned to the natural water cycle.


Tip for homeowners with existing cisterns

If you already have a cistern, the overflow can also be infiltrated via an infiltration trench. Thus, they benefit twice.

System variations

Our systems are suitable for new construction or for retrofitting in existing houses. You can install such a system yourself within a few days or have a civil engineer install it in a single day.


with DRAINMAX tunnel

Our stormwater infiltration systems with DRAINMAX tunnel are suitable when larger volumes and a high load class of up to 60 t heavy load capacity are required.




with two-shell plastic tank

Our stormwater infiltration systems with our two-shell plastic tanks are ideal for smaller volumes up to a few m³. They are passable by car under driveways. They can be excellently combined with a garden irrigation system.


Dimension yourself

With simple means you can determine the infiltration capacity of the soil and the required infiltration trench volume for your system yourself.

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