Commercial greywater recycling systems

Up to 65% of the water demand is used for showering, bathing, washing hands and for the washing machine. The resulting wastewater is known as greywater. This recycled water is hygienically safe for commercial and household use. Recycle yours simply and inexpensively yourself and reuse it, for example, for toilet flushing and irrigation.

Be independent of fluctuating drinking water and wastewater charges

In view of rising costs in conventional drinking water supply and wastewater disposal with their high consumption of energy and natural resources, new, sustainable ways of reusing water have increasingly become established in recent years.

Especially for larger units such as sports facilities, schools, hotels or apartment buildings, recycling existing greywater can contribute to significant cost savings. Feel free to contact us and together we can work out a solution to recycle your wastewater from bath and shower tubs, hand wash basins and washing machines into process water. The investment in a greywater recycling plant will pay for itself within a few years through the savings in drinking water and wastewater charges.

Save twice and invest sustainably

By reusing the water, you save on both potable water costs and wastewater costs. This allows payback periods of less than 5 years.

With greywater recycling, you achieve high ratings in "sustainable building certifications". This increases the value of the property and can mean tax benefits. Market your building as "green".

Certified safety

The INTEWA system is the first and only system in the world to be certified to the NSF Standard Class C (commercial type) standard for commercial installations and also to the British Standard for spray irrigation.

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Water quality

INTEWA greywater systems provide crystal clear water through ultrafiltration.

The following table describes NSF influent water qualities and the effluent water qualities achieved by INTEWA:

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Low space requirements

A greywater system requires very little space for storage, since the water is produced daily and can be reused directly.


360° reference

I-CONNECT monitoring

Expert control 
with the monitoring system the INTEWA greywater system can be optimally controlled and maintained

  • I-CONNECT control unit
    • Condition monitoring
    • Process control
  • I-CONNECT Software / App
    • Remote monitoring


Pre-assembled complete greywater systems

The greywater from showers, bathtubs and hand basins is pre-filtered via the highly efficient PURAIN filter before it enters the bioreactor. The skimmer overflow of the PURAIN filter removes the surface impurities. In the bioreactor, continuous biological decomposition takes place in the aerated fluidised bed by bacteria. After a few weeks of start-up time, these bacteria automatically settle on the AQUALOOP fillers, special suspended bodies with a large surface area. The required air is supplied by blowers. The AQUALOOP membrane station filters the greywater into the clear water storage tank.

Due to the small membrane pore width of 0.02 µm, particles, bacteria and viruses are retained by the ultrafiltration. The integrated sludge pump periodically removes sediments. Via a floating intake filter, the particularly economical and quiet RAINMASTER Favorit-SC suck the filtered water out of the clear water tank and supply consumers such as toilets, washing machines and the garden. The RAINMASTERs operate in parallel via a Bluetooth control system.

This ensures the highest level of operational safety. In the event of a water shortage, drinking water is automatically replenished via the DVGW-tested RAINMASTERs, which can be installed almost anywhere in the house. In order to achieve the highest possible level of safety, the already ultra-filtered operating water is subjected to UV treatment as the last stage. 

Overview of pre-assembled complete systems for greywater recycling:

Greywater system NSFProcessing [l/day]



















* BS certified only

  1. PURAIN prefilter
  2. AQUALOOP growth bodies
  3. AQUALOOP blower
  4. AQUALOOP membrane station
  5. Sludge pump
  6. RAINMASTER Favorit SC
  7. UV unit
  8. tanks

Virtual visit with 360° tour

Visit the demo system of a 5,400 liter greywater plant virtually at the INTEWA premises. This not only saves money, but also time.

At a glance, you can see for yourself the technology and the many components that go with it. By clicking on the blue arrows you can easily move between the individual views. In this way, you can even go inside the plant or look at the chemical cleaning, the blowers and the booster system on the right side.

To enlarge the 360° view, simply click on the small icon below with the four arrows.

Your customized system

For larger water requirements, the system can be expanded modularly to suit your commercial project. It is also possible to install the water storage tanks in the ground or outdoors. In the system overview you can see an example of a variant with tanks installed inside.

Project service from A to Z

We will guide you through all phases of planning your greywater recycling system, from design to execution of your project.



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