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Discharge throttles

for stormwater attenuation

If rainwater is not allowed to run off with its full volume flow into the drainage system, the continuous INTEWA throttles ensure that the maximum permissible volume of water is constantly allowed to flow off in a throttled manner, regardless of the water level. This means that the retention reservoirs can be dimensioned up to about 30% smaller than with rigid outlet throttles.

The throttles are suitable for pre-cleaned rainwater. Depending on the size of the required throttle outlet, we offer different outlet throttles.

  • The PLURAFIT throttle shaft without continuous throttle outlet is suitable for small stormwater attenuation systems where no hose throttle can be installed.
  • For volume flows up to 3.85 l/s, our hose throttles are used in the outlet of cisterns or throttle shafts.
  • For volume flows of up to 460 l/s, we manufacture project-specific stainless steel outlet restrictors for your construction project, which are also used in the outlet of cisterns or manholes.


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