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Custom-fit solutions for supplying your consumers with rainwater and greywater harvesting in a pressure- and energy-efficient way.

The RAINMASTER are fully automatic operating and monitoring stations with pump, control and integrated drinking water supply. The water is drawn from a cistern via a suction hose and supplies all consumers for garden irrigation, toilet flushing and washing machine, irrigation and cleaning systems or cooling systems. If there is not enough rainwater or greywater available, the RAINMASTER automatically supplies the consumers with drinking water via an integrated, certified make-up system. The RAINMASTER can be installed in the basement, garage or in the ground level installation room.


Energy efficient

Depending on the design, our RAINMASTERs save up to 75% energy compared to other devices. At the same time, they meet the efficiency standards of the European Ecodesign Directive for Energy-using Products (EuP).

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The "free outlet" is already integrated in the DVGW-certified RAINMASTER. According to the European standard EN1717, only the so-called "free outlet AA and AB" is permitted for the replenishment with drinking water in case of water shortage. The RAINMASTER thus fulfils the highest safety requirements worldwide.

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Quiet operation

A multistage centrifugal pump causes a noise level of about 65 dB(A). The RAINMASTER Eco 10, on the other hand, is very quiet at about 50 to 56 dB(A). RAINMASTER Favorit -SC pumps are equipped with a speed control. Since these usually run at a significantly lower speed during practical operation, when only a few consumers require water, they also cause significantly lower noise emissions during this time. A RAINMASTER Favorit SC then only causes approx. 45 dBA when filling a WC.


With 75% energy savings compared to conventional domestic waterworks, the RAINMASTER Eco is suitable for particularly energy-conscious users. In a single-family home, the volume flow of 10 l/min is usually sufficient for low garden watering requirements.

  • 75% energy saving
  • quiet operation
  • optional with level indicator
  • small space requirement
  • 24 V and 110-230 Volt operation possible


The RAINMASTER Favorit is the inexpensive standard version with high-quality, multistage centrifugal pumps. The even less expensive version A is without a cover. Here, control is via a pressure and flow monitor.

  • Low-cost entry-level model A
  • High-quality multistage centrifugal pumps 


The RAINMASTER Favorit SC 20/40 are equipped with a speed control. This regulates the speed of the pump to the volume flow actually required at an adjustable pressure.

  • Highest possible supply reliability
  • economical power consumption
  • particularly long service life
  • 70% lower noise emission 

Parallel operation as a multi-pump system

For large objects where the highest possible supply reliability and comfort are important, the speed-controlled RAINMASTER Favorit SC are used with a redundant design. Up to three RAINMASTER Favorit SC can be operated in parallel as a multi-pump system.

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