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DRAINMAX comb blocks

The comb blocks are an ultra-light, high-strength honeycomb structure with a storage volume of over 95%. The PP construction guarantees enormous durability, and the materials used are all recyclable. The blocks are groundwater neutral, approved for drinking water applications and UV, acid/alkali stable. The blocks are used for the construction of infiltration systems, attenuation systems or water reservoirs in foil jackets.

  • three-dimensional flow
  • excellent price/performance ratio
  • minimum space requirement due to stackability
  • very easy to install without connecting elements
  • Types DM-27-30 to DM-40-30 ideal for high groundwater levels
  • high load capacities up to SLW60 with 4.2 m ground cover
  • permissible installation depth up to 9.5 m
  • TÜV tested
MaterialPolypropylene [PP]
Length [m]2,40
Width [m]0,33
Higth [m]0,60 / 0,30
Weigth [kg/ m³]27 to 65 per typ
Connections3 x DN100
Gross volume [liters]470 (235)
Net volume> 95%
Open surface> 60%

Load capacity according to DIN 1072 according to TÜV report 2HGD2

ArticleTypColor code*Long term strength

* Decisive color at delivery

From the following diagram, the minimum and maximum earth coverages in vertical direction can be read for the different DRAINMAX combs:

Minimum and maximum ground covers

The following table shows the maximum permissible installation depths (lower edge of infiltration blocks) for the horizontal load capacity:

VehicleTruck 3Truck 6Truck 9Truck 12SLW 30SLW 60
Spare load (kN/m³)3456,16,733
Typ A (m)1,4-----
Typ B (m)2,62,62,52,52,1-
Typ C (m)3,63,53,53,43,02,4
Typ D (m)4,64,54,54,54,13,4
Typ E (m)5,75,75,65,65,24,5
Typ F (m)8,07,97,87,87,46,7
Typ G (m)9,59,59,59,59,18,4


Example calculation

SLW30, 1 m earth cover, single layer

1. From the diagram follows: Type B = DM-35
2. from the table follows with 1 m + 0.6 m = 1.6 m: Type B with 2.1 m > 1.6 m = ok

The load specifications are for so-called predominantly stationary loads, such as parking areas or driveways with occasional traffic. In the case of alternating loads, as with roads, separate dimensioning must be carried out.

Palett L x W x H [m]2,40 x 1,30 x 2,30
Max. Number of pieces / pallet [blocks]14
Pallet weight [kg]up to 420
Volume [m³]6,58
Weight [kg/ m³]27 to 65 per typ

Transport and packing dimensions for blocks with 60 cm height

Truck / articulated train L x W x H [m]7,45/14,0 x 2,42 x 2,45
Max. Number of pallets5 / 10
Max. Number of blocks [depending on block height]70 / 40
Volume [m³]32,9 /  65,8

Here you will find sample packages, instructions, technical drawings and much more.

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