In our video section you will find comprehensive product explanations and image films.

Greywater recycling for the commercial sector

The water that runs off from showers and hand basins is referred to as grey water. Learn about the advantages of integrating a smart greywater recycling system.

House RAINwater source

Use your house as your own water source. Our CEO Oliver Ringelstein shows you in this video how he uses the technologies in his own home.

Completely crazy

Do you also find it totally dumb to flush the toilet with drinking water?

Animals love rainwater

Almost everyone who owns a pet, which is allowed to go out from time to time, knows this. If you have the choice between rainwater and tap water then of course rainwater is the preferred choice.

Greywater recycling for single family house

Do you know that you have your own water source in your house, which can save you up to 50% of your drinking water and waste water costs....


PLURAFIT - A modular filter and chamber kit

With PLURAFIT, countless shaft and filter solutions for water and building services engineering can be put together very cheaply from a few components using the modular principle.

PURAIN filter

Unlike other self-cleaning filters the INTEWA PURAIN filter allows the filtration of light rainfall with 100% efficient collection. As 97% of annual rainfall is mainly light rain, the overall efficiency is 98%.

DRAINMAX tunnel trench

The DRAINMAX tunnel system consits of lightweight, plastic, semi-circular shells with the capacity to buffer and infiltrate stormwater from sealed surfaces into the ground.



Assembly instructions for the plastic underground tank

From priming, to gluing and drilling, to the correct screw connection. In this video you will learn everything about the assembly of the two-part plastic underground tank for rainwater harvesting.

Assembly of a UV unit

In this short tutorial we will show you how to easily assemble a UV unit yourself.

Electricity-free potable water treatment with AQUALOOP Tap

How exactly does the AQUALOOP Tap actually work and what is it particularly suitable for? In this short video we give you information about our simplest and fastest drinking water production.

NSF 350C certification and AQUALOOP

Our AQUALOOP greywater recycling system has NSF 350C certification. But what exactly does that mean? Who or what is NSF and what does this certification entail? We address this topic in this video.

Circular Economy at INTEWA

In this short video, which was made by the ZENIT GmbH, we talk about circular economy aspects in the water business. Reusing different sorts of water, e.g. rainwater or greywater is perfect for establishing a sustainable approach. Have a look of all the possibilities which are already possible with our products and systems.