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Infiltration of treated wastewater

If the wastewater is treated appropriately in a small wastewater treatment plant, it can be infiltrated decentrally. The DIN technical report CEN/TR 12566-2 and DIN 4261, among others, must be observed here.

Depending on the treatment plant process, the treated wastewater enters the infiltration system as a batch or as a constant volume flow. This also determines the calculation of the size of the infiltration system. You can also find information on the calculation at INTEWA Wiki and the INTEWA Online Planner. The DRAINMAX tunnel system is very well suited due to its large side areas open to infiltration. Compared to conventional drainage systems, considerable space can be saved. In addition, a large buffer volume is available for batch operation and further safety. 

DRAINMAX tunnel infiltration behind small sewage treatment plant

  1. DRAINMAX tunnel
  2. Tunnel backfill
  3. Geotextile
  4. Tunnel cover
  5. Topsoil
  6. Small sewage treatment plant
  7. Wastewater inlet
  8. Distance to groundwater

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