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System separation according to DIN EN1717

The INTEWA "SEPAMAT" system separators separate the drinking water system from the consumer system. They protect the drinking water from contamination due to the backflow of substances from the consumer side.

A system separator is placed between the municipal drinking water pipe and one or more consumers that must be separated according to category 5 according to the current drinking water regulation DIN EN1717. Liquids according to category 5 can pose a health hazard to humans due to the presence of microbial or viral pathogens of communicable diseases. The European standard DIN EN1717 requires here the so-called "free outlet" for separation between drinking water and the consumer side.

DVGW-certified SEPAMAT series

This "free outlet" is already integrated in the DVGW-certified SEPAMAT system separators. According to the standard, only the so-called "free outlet AA and AB" is permitted for the replenishment with drinking water in case of water shortage.

The integrated pump delivers the water as required from a separator storage tank to the consumers. The water level in the separator tank is controlled by a float valve. The drinking water network and an emergency overflow are connected to the separator storage tank.

Contact of the consumer water with the drinking water is excluded. The SEPAMAT system separators thus meet the highest safety requirements worldwide.

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