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DRAINMAX tunnel trench

The solution for decentralized infiltration or attenuation of stormwater and treated wastewater. The DRAINMAX tunnel trench is a lightweight in its class. It allows rainwater to be easily retained or infiltrated on site. The ideal solution for sealed surfaces.

The DIBt®-approval is one innovation of the DRAINMAX tunnel system. It is  with 1.6 m³ a large volume and light plastic tray system that creates a hollow space in the soil. With these, the rain water can be directly retained at the source and will infiltrate through the open soil and side holes. It is possible to also restrict the water flow  to only the pipe. This technology saves significant costs on laying complex piping systems. You can also use the DRAINMAX tunnel system for infiltration of effluent water from sewage plants.

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Truck load capacity and DIBt® approval

The DRAINMAX tunnel trench was the first ever to receive building authority approval from the German Institute for Building Technology DIBt® for SLW60 heavy-duty class.

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Easy installation

The DRAINMAX tunnels are laid in rows. The individual tunnels can be laid effortlessly by two people due to their low weight of 32 kg.

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Best price per m³

Optimized production, minimum transport volume, minimum space requirement, huge storage volume and fast installation performance result in the DRAINMAX tunnel offering the best price per m³ storage volume achievable for plastic trenches.

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Capillary underground irrigation system with DRAINMAX

A completely new and integrative approach to stormwater management is offered by the innovative underground irrigation system with capillary rise. Similar to the natural water cycle, this system combines infiltration, retention, evaporation and thus cooling, purification and irrigation in a new, unique way.

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