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International Fairs

Here you will find an overview of all trade fairs at which INTEWA itself or its partners have been or will be represented.



Öko 2024 

Trier, 26. - 28.4.2024

The largest showcase for the skilled trades in the Trier region
INTEWA representative on site: Die Dezentrale
Contact: c.becker@die-dezentrale.lu


IFAT Germany

Munich, 13. - 17.05.2024

World's leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management
Representative on site: INTEWA
Visit us: Ticket & Dates


Firhàbitat Spain

Avià, 10. - 12.05.2024

Regional trade fair for organic farming and energy efficiency.

INTEWA representative on site: ecospai

Contact: info@~@ecospai.com


Construmat Spain

Barcelona, 21. - 23.05.2024

Sustainability fair for accessibility, energy efficiency and local materials that improve lives.

INTEWA representative on site: ecospai

Contact: info@~@ecospai.com


AQUATECH The Netherlands

Amsterdam, 06. - 09.11.2023

Leading international trade fair for process, drinking and waste water
Representatives on site: INTEWA & Mijn Waterfabriek




Zaragoza, 07. - 09.03.2023

International Trade Fair for Water and Irrigation
INTEWA representative on site: ECOSPAI



Pollutec France

Lyon, 10. - 13.10.2023

Trade fair for environmental and energy solutions

Representatives on site: INTEWA & AQUAPURE Systems