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Adiabatic cooling in the archdiocese of Cologne

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Katholisch-Soziales Institut Michaelsberg, Siegburg / Germany / 2016


Adiabatic cooling, Rainwater harvesting




Operating point, water treatment

0,95 m³/ day

Operating point, rainwater harvesting

4,3 m³/ h

Useful volume GRP‐Tank

56 m³

Connected roof area

1.650 m²


For over 950 years, the benedictine abby on Michaelsberg has stood in Siegburg. The cloister was closed down in 2010. Shorlty thereafter, in 2017, the Katholisch‐Soziale Institut des Erzbistums Köln (KSI) opened as a skill and competency centre.
Particularly smart included with the technical building equipment is an INTEWA rainwater system with AQUALOOP disinfection for adiabatic (evaporative) cooling. In comparison to conventional cooling systems up to 80% energy is saved. The use of a reverse osmosis unit is also no longer needed since rainwater is particularly soft water.

System components:

  • 5 AQUALOOP membranes for disinfection of the rainwater
  • GRP‐rainwater tank with a nominal volume 70 m³
  • Prefiltering with a PURAIN HD 300 rainwater filter
  • RWZ‐14‐40‐P for toilets, urinals and grounds irrigation
  • RAINMASTER Favorit 40 for the adiabatic cooling supply