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Centre of the Christian Brothers

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Recycling of grey water in Western Cape / South Africa / 2013


Greywater recycling




When rainwater yields are insufficient or when there is not enough space to install large rainwater storage tanks, recycling grey water can be the perfect solution to save drinking water. The first AQUALOOP water treatment system in South Africa was recently installed at the Christian Brothers' centre in beautiful Stellenbosch, Western Cape. During the reconstruction of this 17th century training site, special emphasis was placed on the use of sustainable technology. The AQUALOOP system purifies the water from 6 showers and the hand basins and then uses it to flush the toilets. In this project the AQUALOOP components were installed in locally produced ribbed sheet steel tanks. The AQUALOOP concept allows a very flexible and cost effective installation. With AQUALOOP, local tank manufacturers can thus offer a complete, proprietary water treatment system.