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Family from Auckland counts on grey water

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Single family house in Auckland / New Zealand / 2014


Greywater recycling




A family in Ponsonby Auckland decided to contribute to sustainable water use. After some research on the internet they decided to install a grey water system in their house.

They were looking for a system that was able to treat the water so well that it could be reused. The aim was to collect the grey water from the shower, bathtub and washbasin and to reuse it after treatment for toilet flushing, washing machine and irrigation. The upcoming bathroom renovation was a good opportunity to include the selected INTEWA AQUALOOP system. The modular design of the AQUALOOP system was perfectly suited to the premises on site and could be integrated without any problems.

The INTEWA AQUALOOP 6 system and an INTEWA RAINMASTER Eco 10 (pump and control unit) were installed. The RAINMASTER Eco 10 controls the automatic switchover to the public water supply if insufficient treated water is available. The system was installed in November 2014.

The water consumption of a 4-person household is now classified by the Auckland City municipality as a 2-person household.

The treated water is crystal clear and odourless.