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Stormwater management in a construction area in Trier



Building area BU 14 „Ober der Herrnwiese“ Trier / Germany / 2018


Stormwater attenuation




Number of tunnels42x DM-T/60 3 rows wrapped in a tightly sealed foil, throttle, D100-10
Required attenuation volume97,5 m³
Porous volume backfill material


Ground area for infiltration system5,7 m x 33,5 m
Requirement for traffic loadSLW30


The building area BU 14 "Ober der Herrnwiese" is a new building project of the city of Trier with a total size of approx. 10 ha (net building area approx. 7.5 ha). The urban development concept provides for different types of houses. Due to corresponding specifications in the allocation of land, this also includes a share of socially subsidised living space of at least 25% in the area of rental housing construction.
The main requirement placed on the rainwater management in this construction phase was the complete retention of rainwater, which was to flow in via the roof areas as well as the outdoor facilities of the housing areas. The floor space provided for this purpose is 6 x 35 metres and is located below the fire brigade access road. Only INTEWA with its DRAINMAX tunnel offered the largest storage volume in a relatively small area. For this reason, 42 of these tunnels, wrapped in a tightly sealed foil, were used for the realisation of this project. The additional INTEWA discharge throttle enables the controlled discharge of 5 l/s into the public drainage network.