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INTEWA CONNECT remote monitoring of fire water systems

The use of the I-CONNECT webportals takes place via a favorable license. Here the licensee gets all the important information about the condition of the system at a glance, such as the fill level, the proportion of usable water and the maintenance timer. The system can be configured, such as defining the maximum tank height and the proportion of permitted service water.



Multiple usage now possible

To date, the filling level of fire water storage tanks is only monitored manually, if at all. This represents a great safety risk in the event of a fire, if the intended water level would no longer exist due to a leak or even an impermissible withdrawal. For this reason, firewater tanks have not been used for other uses to date. However, the use for other uses could provide significant advantages. For example, in addition to fire water storage, the reservoir is also ideal for emergency drinking water or cooling water storage. If the additional volume of rainwater is to be used for irrigation, as service water or retention volume, an appropriate rainwater filter and an overflow must be planned.


I-CONNECT control unit

With the appropriate accessories, the INTEWA CONNECT control system enables analog control of various systems for fire water supply.


Water level monitoring

The function is made possible by a level sensor installed at the bottom of the fire water tank. It determines the fill level and can thus also detect a leak in the system.



If the water level in the tank falls below a predefined threshold, a signal is emitted and the operator is informed via push or e-mail.

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