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Campsite Gerhardhof relies on sustainable use of grey water

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Campsite Gerhardhof / Austria / 2020


Greywater recycling




Connected users400 - 500 guests
Treatment volume grey waterApprox. 5.000 Liters/ day


The Gerhardhof in Wildermieming in Austria uses a wide variety of measures to offer its guests a relaxing but at the same time sustainable stay. The approach of the three founders is quite simple: use as much of the resources that are already there and at the same time interfere as little as possible with the surrounding environment. In addition to their own spring, rainwater is collected in a service water pond and used for irrigation. For the reuse of the existing grey water from showers and hand-wash jaws, a 5,400-litre complete system from INTEWA was used, which was installed in a space-saving manner in the service connection room of the main building. The recycled water is reused for toilet flushing.

The new I-CONNECT technology is used to control this system, which makes it possible to quickly and easily view the current status of chemical cleaning or maintenance intervals.