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Design building only uses rainwater

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Kendeda Center for Innovative Design & Architecture, Atlanta, Georgia / USA / 2019


Potable water from rainwater


PURAIN DN200 & DN300

Technical data

Size of the cistern150 m³
Existing roof area1.900 m²
Flow volume75 liters/minute


Georgia Tech University is leading in the USA in the demonstration of innovative green building. The recently completed and associated Kendeda Center for Innovative Design & Architecture is aiming for full Living Building Challenge (LBC) certification. On 37,000m², a wide range of measures for sustainable building were implemented here.
The building's only water source is rainwater collected by the solar system. This water covers the building's needs, including drinking and process water. The excess water is percolated on site. This project is one of the first commercially usable drinking water from rainwater systems in the USA.
An important prerequisite for the implementation of these measures was compliance with all LBC Water Petal certifications. Here the PURAIN range meets all requirements, such as avoiding all components on the "red item list". In addition, it has already been reliably used by the customer in four other LBC projects before. Ecovie, our international partner in the USA, contributed to the execution.
The two open PURAIN filters, visibly installed in the ceiling, form the first of several cleaning steps. The video linked below gives you a comprehensive insight into the building and the INTEWA products installed.

Youtube: Kendeda Building