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ECOVIE Water Management

ECOVIE is our exclusive distributor for the USA. Since 2014, ECOVIE & INTEWA have been working together to bring innovative products and solutions to the local water industry.

INTEWA Partner

for water treatment & stormwater management

Since the beginning, our Florida-based partner ECOVIE has been in close contact with INTEWA and supports the team, among other things, in an advisory capacity in the area of product optimization. Together they work on new projects or further develop existing products. Especially the AQUALOOP systems are made for some states in the USA. ECOVIE is both a system provider for commercial projects and a product distributor for the complete INTEWA product range.

Your contact for the USA

Bob Drew

187 North Shore Drive

unit 187-1 

Miami Beach, FL 33141 

+1 305 928 6343



INTEWA News from the USA

Ecovie Greywater System awarded

The Aqualoop Greywater Recycling Project was presented for Eataly L.A with the Sustainable Innovation Award for Excellence in Water Conservation.

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Eataly L.A Installs Aqualoop Greywater System

Eataly is a  global mecca for Italian culinary cuisine & recently they opened a flagship store in Los Angeles.



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